eCommerce Website Developers India


eCommerce Website Developers India

eCommerce Website Developers India

“With large scale global investments, growth of niche category e-commerce firms and the entry of global competitors/brands, e-commerce landscape in India looks very promising.”
– Sachin Bansal, Flipkart co-founder and CEO

Did you know that e-commerce in India is expected to grow by almost 50% this year? If you are an online seller, 2015 is the year for you to get on to the e-commerce ladder.

A recent study by Motilal Oswal Securities states that it is estimated that the e-commerce market in India will reach Rs 124 thousand crore by 2015, growing at a CAGR of 37% over 2013-15. This will undoubtedly provide an ocean of opportunities to online sellers. Here are five e-commerce trends that every online seller should watch out for.


More warehouses, wider logistics network

Lack of infrastructure and logistics network are the biggest hurdle for the growth of e-commerce in India. But massive investments by big e-commerce companies in this area will soon remove these hurdles from e-commerce’s road to success. e-commerce companies are now approaching a new mode of operations where the primary focus is on the seamless supply chain management.


Advantages to Organizations

Advantages to Customers



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